Michał Zebala, CEO of InstaPay:

We were very fortunate to work with Codizon on this project. The company provided invaluable insight into our early business needs, helping to clarify our product’s unique value proposition and optimize our solution (minimizing the time needed for customers to incorporate our service into their existing operations).

Most importantly, Codizon played an integral role in assembling a set of key priorities/milestones along with a strong team to drive our vision forward. Codizon’s active recruitment efforts helped us facilitate an environment of highly motivated specialists – filling an open position, clarifying our hiring needs/criteria, and refining our talent budgeting practices.

Codizon’s workshops helped us to adjust our processes and take full advantage of the Agile methodologies. Together we ran a number of feasibility studies to validate assumptions, often pivoting and tweaking our KPIs accordingly. This ultimately allowed us to bring our vision to the next level and show our investors the true value of our product.

Mateusz Wiklo, CEO of Epinote:

Codizon was a huge asset at the beginning of our scale-up stage. They helped streamline our recruitment process by setting up systems and contacts for acquiring talent. From defining roles and refining job advertisements to sourcing and interviewing candidates, their expertise was instrumental in setting up our new development team.